21 Watt Solar Panel Charger With USB Output

  • $62.99


  • Foldable
  • Standard USB Charging Port
  • 3 Charging Panels
  • Compact Storage


Keep your iPhone or Android devices powered with this 21 Watt Solar Panel Charger with USB Output. Fold it out, slip your device into the pouch, plug in your device and let it charge via the three solar panels. When the charge is complete, fold the panel up and store it away.


Max. Power: 21W
Number of Cells: 1
Output1: : 5V/2A
Output2: : 5V/2A
Weight: : 29.5ounces
Unfolded Size: : 19.68in * 12in * 0.19in
Folded Size: 12in * 6.88in * 1.18in

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